About EasiBuy

EasiBuy is a trusted, full-service partner specializing in cooperative sourcing and managed procurement services for state and local government agencies. We pioneered the Lead Agency Procurement Organization (LAPO) bid process by integrating procurement expertise, analytics, scale, and technology to ensure a competitive, compliant, and fully transparent experience for buyers and sellers.

Through cooperative purchasing agreements, we enable state and local governments, education systems, nonprofit organizations, and other public entities to “piggyback” off existing Lead Agency agreements and achieve economies of scale they would not receive by contracting on their own.

EasiBuy (formerly Electronic Auction Services, Inc.) is headquartered in Kent, Ohio. In May 2021, we were acquired by HealthTrust, a leading Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) and supply chain performance company for healthcare, and its commercial GPO counterpart, CoreTrust.


About CoreTrust

CoreTrust is a commercial Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) serving an exclusive membership of select private equity and Fortune 1000 companies. We leverage the purchasing volume of our members to achieve market-leading pricing for a portfolio of contracts in more than 100 indirect spend categories. Our unique and highly compliant business model yields double-digit savings across all categories.

CoreTrust is a division of HealthTrust, a leading GPO and supply chain performance improvement company for healthcare.


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