Reed Systems — Double Wall Container Vertical Tanks

EasiBuy, LLC is excited to announce a cooperative agreement for double wall container vertical tanks through Reed Systems Ltd, that has been competitively solicited and awarded by the State of Connecticut.


Double wall container vertical tanks are now available through a competitively sourced contract by the State of Connecticut, contract #21PSX0184AA. This contract is now available for government agencies to utilize for all your vertical tank needs. The contract includes but is not limited to, 5,000 gallon double wall storage tanks and 6,500 gallon double wall storage tanks. Any unidentified double wall or single wall tank is subject to a 34% off manufacture’s (Snyder Industries) list price.

Contract Highlights

  • Term 4/1/2022 – 2/28/2025 with 3 one-year renewals (taking it through 2028)
  • Products and services offered through Reed Systems Ltd, representing the manufacturer Snyder Industries
  • Comprehensive and competitive pricing

Documents and Contracts

To simplify the purchasing process, attached are all the required documents and contracts. State of Connecticut cooperative contracts are available through EasiBuy, LLC. to public agencies. There are no fees to participate.


Awarded contract with pricing

Awarded Contract

Awarded contract with pricing