Zones – Apple products

EasiBuy, LLC is excited to announce a cooperative agreement for Apple products through Zones Inc. that has been competitively solicited and awarded by the City of Los Angeles.


Apple products and services are now available from Zones Inc. through a competitively sourced contract by the City of Los Angeles under contract # ARC 40 180000000346. This contract is now available for government agencies to utilize for all your Apple product needs.

Contract Highlights

  • Term 6/08/2018 – 06/30/2019 with 4 one year renewals (taking it through 2023)
  • Products and services offered through Zones, Inc for Apple products and services
  • Comprehensive & competitive pricing across all product line

Documents and Contracts

To simplify the purchasing process, attached are all the required documents and contracts. The City of Los Angeles cooperative contracts are available through EASiBuy, LLC. to public agencies. There are no fees to participate and no minimum purchase requirements.

325 KB
Official award document
114 KB
Original solicitation
99.3 KB
Final vendor contract (includes pricing)

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