EasiBuy, LLC is excited to announce a cooperative agreement for gasoline and diesel fuel through Western State Petroleum that has been competitively solicited and awarded by the City of Mesa, Arizona.

*Due to market conditions, some items on this Contract may not be available in your region.


Gasoline and diesel fuel is now available through a competitively sourced contract by the City of Mesa, Arizona; Contract # 2021165. This contract is now available for government agencies within the State of Arizona to utilize for Truck, Trailer, and Tank wagon gasoline and diesel needs.

Contract Highlights

  • Term 10/01/2021 – 9/30/2024 with 1 two year renewal (taking it through 2026)
  • Products and services offered through Western State Petroleum for Gasoline and Diesel
  • Comprehensive and competitive pricing
  • Additional distribution charges may apply
  • Supplier: Western State Petroleum
  • Contact: Otis Dancy
  • E-mail: otis@westernstatespetroleum.com
  • Phone: 602-252-4011 x224

Documents and Contracts

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Final Vendor Contract
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Bid Tabulations
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Reverse Auction Services Overview
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Reverse Auction Services Contract

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