Who is EasiBuy?

We are a third-party service provider to state and local government agencies for e-procurement as a service in the public-sector cooperative contracting space. Based near Cleveland, Ohio, we offer a proprietary reverse-auction technology to help state and local public-sector agencies achieve the most market-competitive pricing from qualified vendors on contracts for products and services.

What is reverse auction?

In a traditional auction, multiple buyers compete against each other to buy from a single seller who typically accepts the highest bid. A reverse auction is just the opposite; multiple sellers (suppliers) compete in a transparent forum in real time to offer products/services to a single buyer (agency) at the lowest possible price they are willing to accept. EasiBuy manages and administers the process from start to finish and the transparent nature of the auction yields the most efficient market pricing for public sector agencies.

What value does this acquisition bring to our organization?

Just like CoreTrust extended the GPO model into the indirect commercial space, EasiBuy’s LAPO approach brings a similar aggregated sourcing model to public markets.

What’s more, through an inter-company arrangement, CoreTrust will also be able to leverage EasiBuy’s reverse auction platform to facilitate custom sourcing options for private equity and category-specific Aggregated Sourcing Events (ASEs).

What is a Lead Agency in public sector cooperative purchasing?

A Lead Agency is the originating entity in the public sector that competitively solicits and awards a contract to a vendor for products and services. This process is known as public sector cooperative purchasing, which is governed by applicable state laws. State laws allow public sector entities to then leverage or “piggyback” off Lead Agency contracts and achieve economies of scale they would likely not receive by contracting on their own with a vendor.

What is a LAPO?

LAPO stands for Lead Agency Procurement Organization. We have initiated this new model of procurement specifically for public sector agencies. The LAPO bid development process integrates client requirements including disadvantaged business programs and vendor credentialing with reverse auction technology to ensure a competitive, compliant and fully transparent experience for buyers and sellers.