Office Supplies

EasiBuy, LLC is excited to announce a cooperative agreement for Office Supplies and Products through WIST Business Supplies and Equipment that has been competitively solicited and awarded by the City of Mesa, AZ.


Office Supplies and Products are now available through a competitively sourced contract by the City of Mesa, AZ; Contract # 2020050. This contract is now available for government agencies within the State of Arizona to utilize for Office Supplies and Product needs.

Contract Highlights

• Term 08/01/2020 – 7/31/2025
• Products and services offered through WIST Business Supplies & Equipment
• Comprehensive & competitive pricing
• Supplier: WIST Business Supplies & Equipment
• Contact: Bill Strait
• E-mail:
• Phone: 480-921-2900 x129

Documents and Contracts

To simplify the purchasing process, attached are all the required documents and contracts. The City of Mesa, AZ cooperative contracts are available through EasiBuy, LLC. to public agencies. There are no fees to participate and no minimum purchase requirements.

43 KB
Wist W9 Form
505 KB
108 KB
Wist Contract Pricing
117 KB
Council Report
105 KB
Award Letter
325 KB
Award Recommendation
367 KB
Evaluation Summary Report
10,617 KB
Wist RFP Response
105 KB
Wist Insurance
10 KB
RFP Tablulation
143 KB
RFP Receipt Log
544 KB
Request for Proposal
198 KB
RFP Addendum 1
466 KB
RFP Advertisement
91 KB
Reverse Auction Overview
1,839 KB
Reverse Auction Contract

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